Wash & care


Lalaby is made to be worn and reused from child to child and generation to generation.

We recommend you to take good care of the products through a few, simple guidelines.

Think before you wash. Apart from its stylish appearance, the cashmere wool has the added benefit of being self-cleansing, which is why you can often just air it instead of washing it.

When you need to wash the garment, please make sure to do it carefully by hand or use the handwash or wool cycle on your machine.

Don't wring or twist the garment as it comes out the wash and never use a dryer, this will ruin the delicate fibres.

Squeeze the wet cashmere gently, to ensure it won't lose its shape and lay flat to dry on a towel.

All organic cotton products are easy to wash in the machine at 30 degrees. Always turn products inside-out and avoid using the tumbledryer to prevent shrinkage of products.

Sometimes ventilation of the clothes is enough and we urge you to think twice before you wash - for the durability of the clothes and for the environment.




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